1.    To be eligible to play, all players on a team must be registered as full members of the same Club or League under which they have entered. For purposes of clarification, an individual who only pays “social fees” or “associate fees for the purpose of OCA qualification” is not considered to be a full member of a Club or League. 

2.    A Master curler is defined as an eligible player whose 60th birthday occurs on or prior to the first day of play. 

3.    With regard to individuals who have qualified for any Provincial championship within two (2) years prior to the start of play, only two (2) such players can participate on the same team.

4.    With regard to the team members of teams who won the ‘A’ Event of the Halton-Peel Masters Bonspiel in either of the two previous years, only two (2) of those players can participate on the same team in the current year’s tournament.

5.   All teams (normally 32) that participated in the previous year's bonspiel are guaranteed re-entry to the next year's bonspiel provided that they re-enter prior to a predetermined cutoff date which is normally set approximately three weeks prior to the start of the bonspiel. Teams with guaranteed re-entry are advised of the exact cutoff date in the bonspiel announcement and entry form email that they are sent. Furthermore, it is the Skip of each previous year team that 'holds' the guaranteed re-entry unless the Skip changes clubs, moves to another team at other than the skip position or is unable/unwilling to play in which case the guaranteed re-entry passes to the team Vice.

 6.    Other teams, not meeting the requirements of a team with guaranteed re-entry, may submit an entry form (online or paper) for the bonspiel prior to the cutoff date explained above in paragraph 5. However, these teams will have their entries held in the order they were received by the organizers until after the cutoff date. At that time, regardless of what club the teams represent, they will be used in the order they were received to fill any vacancies caused by guaranteed re-entry teams not re-entering. In this regard, Wait List teams from the previous year will be sent the bonspiel announcement and entry form email at the same time as the teams with guaranteed re-entry. This will give previous year Wait List teams a better opportunity to get at/near the front of the line for any openings.


Prior to the start of the bonspiel, teams are randomly assigned to Pools. The procedure followed is done openly, the Friday before the event commences. That procedure is outlined in an Annex to the Rules of Play, and is available upon request.

The Halton-Peel Masters Bonspiel committee representative in each Club or League or his delegate, shall be the Rules Committee representative, umpire and draw master for each game played in his home Club or League.  The representative shall be able to consult with the Halton-Peel Masters Rules Committee, should further definition of a rule be required.

Games shall be eight (8) ends of regular play using the five-rock free guard zone format. Further, no end or extra end should normally commence after two (2) hours of play has elapsed in a game. However, in this regard, the local rules and requirements of the club where the game is being played shall have priority. Furthermore, the HPMB Umpire (see the above paragraph "UMPIRES") at the club will have the final word governing play. In the event of a tie and two hours having elapsed, the local rules and requirements of the club will be used by the HPMB Umpire to decide whether one extra end will be played followed, if required, by a draw to the button (as described in the paragraph "SCORING" below) or whether the game must be decided by an immediate draw to the button.

IF 32 TEAMS HAVE ENTERED  -- The format will be a win/loss format.  A team can concede after six (6) ends of play.  In the event of a tie after eight (8) ends in any game, normally one extra end will be played; and if still tied, a draw to the button is to be done to determine the game's winner. For a necessary button draw, one player from each team
 will deliver one rock, with sweeping, towards the glass.  The team whose rock is closest to the pin is deemed the game’s winner.  HOWEVER, the local rules and requirements of the club where the game is being played shall have priority -- and will be followed. The local HPMB umpire has last say governing play. Local rules and requirements, for example, may dictate that a tied game be decided immediately after eight (8) ends by a draw to the button without an extra end being played.

IF LESS THAN 32 TEAMS HAVE ENTERED  --  A point scoring system will be used for the first three (3) games.  Only points earned in the first six (6) ends will be counted.  Ends 7 & 8 can be played to determine Win/Loss.  A team can concede after six (6) ends of play.  Games played in the semifinals and finals are win/loss.  Should there be teams tied after games, the plus/minus score will determine the winner.  If, per chance, an overall tie exists, a cut of the cards will determine the winner.  A 1/2 point will be awarded for each point on the board to a maximum of 5 points or 10 points on the board.  One point will be earned for each end won, ½ point for a blank end and 20 points for the win.  Ties will be decided using the same process described above for the 32 team format.

Any team that is not ready at the scheduled time with a minimum of three (3) players shall be penalized as follows:

UNDER THE POINTS FORMAT  --  1 ½ points after the first 15 minutes of delay. 3 points after 25 minutes of delay and if not ready to start after 30 minutes, will forfeit the game to the opposing team.  The winning team shall be awarded 1 point per end to a maximum of 6 points, plus ½ point per end to a maximum of 3 points and 20 points for the win, for a total of 29 points.  When play commences after a late start, the offending team will deliver first rock for the first end of play.  (That being end two (2) after 15 minutes of delay and end three (3) after 25 minutes of delay.  The non-offending team gets the points for all ends not played.

 UNDER THE WIN/LOSS FORMAT -- The non-offending team will be awarded 1 point on the board after the first 15 minutes of delay and an additional point on the board after 25 minutes of delay. If there is 30 minutes or more of delay, the offending team will forfeit the game.

Where the delay of a game is due to the absence of a team’s player, a substitute player may be obtained from the same participating Club or League providing he meets the qualifications of age, is not a member of another team which is still playing in the event and registers with the Club or League representative prior to the game.  The substitute must play lead or second for the full game.  In the event a team must play with only three (3) players, both the lead and second must deliver three (3) rocks each, and the skip/fourth-stones’ thrower delivers the last two (2) rocks.  In the semifinals and finals, all teams must play with four (4) players from the same Club or League and meet all qualifications.

A substitute player is eligible to play as per the following:

    i.     He is not a member of another team still playing in the event.

   ii.     He is a full member of a participating Club or League.

   iii.    He meets the age criteria for this event.

The skip must notify the Club or League umpire, prior to the game, as to the name, position of the    substitute player and the number of games he will be playing.

SUBSTITUTES FOR SKIPS  -- Should a registered skip be absent for more than two (2) consecutive games, and a substitute skip, who meets the criteria for substitutes, is replacing the registered skip, then he will continue as the regular skip for the remainder of the event.

SUBSTITUTES FOR SEMIFINALS AND FINALS GAMES -- A team which has reached a semifinal or a final, and cannot field at least two (2) of the original players of the team shall be disqualified from further play.  In this event, the Halton-Peel Masters Committee shall select an alternate team using the following criteria:  The replacement team will be the team last eliminated by the now disqualified team.

 If a substitute player is required on the replacement team, he shall play lead.  (It is strongly suggested that members of the regular team arrange with the substitute player, the distribution of any prizes won).

PLAYING THE SAME TEAM TWICE  (if points format) -- Since the first three (3) games are point scoring, it is possible that two teams could be positioned to play against each other twice.   It is the responsibility of the local umpire to rearrange the pairings to avoid teams playing each other twice.

A protest committee exists which is comprised of a member of the rules committee and the host Club or League representatives of each Club or League affected.  Should a game be protested prior to the start of play, play will continue.  If a protest is made during or after a game, or for a protest made prior to a game starting, the protest committee will make a decision before the next scheduled game and relay that decision to both teams involved.  The decision of the committee will be final and binding.

Players found to be in possession of or consuming alcohol not purchased from a host Club or League that they are attending will be immediately banned from the event.  Further, anyone be found in use of a controlled substance shall immediately be disqualified from the event and all future years’ events.


In the event that the Halton-Peel Masters Bonspiel is terminated, the members of the final organizing committee will decide on a charity or charities which will receive any surplus funds that the Event has.


  The Halton-Peel Masters Bonspiel is intended for club or league level teams whose team members have reached the age of 60 [Masters age], and all are full members of their Club or League. The purpose of this event is to promote goodwill, sportsmanship and competitiveness.  It is a cooperative event hosted by curling clubs in the Halton and Peel regions. 

 Every year a different club is designated as the primary host club and is responsible for organizing and running the bonspiel. Normally, draws on Wednesday and Thursday are held at supporting clubs, and only the semifinals and finals on Friday are held at the primary host's club. The order of primary hosting, which cycles, is Milton, Orangeville, North Halton, Dixie, Oakville and Acton.

  CCA/OCA rules will apply except for those as outlined in the Rules of Play and administered by the Halton-Peel Masters committee.





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